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10-09-2010 01:07 AM DirtylilWolfess
Beet harvest is one of those 24/7 grinds. You work until you can't
10-09-2010 01:07 AM DirtylilWolfess
My normal schedule is supposed to be from 4pm to 6am, but we have been shut down for heat during the day so things are scrambled all to fuck and back
10-09-2010 01:07 AM Powersledder
thought ag stuff held early schedules
10-09-2010 01:06 AM Powersledder
10-09-2010 01:05 AM DirtylilWolfess
I get to go to bed by 9am or so since I end up usually having to stay late and help move equipment around to the different fields.
10-09-2010 01:05 AM DirtylilWolfess
I get up at about 1pm-2pm, go to work by three (daytime ag stuff) then get done with that at about 9, then get in the tractor at midnight and go till 6am.
10-09-2010 01:04 AM DirtylilWolfess
Harvest has been stupid nuts
10-09-2010 01:04 AM DirtylilWolfess
10-09-2010 01:03 AM Powersledder
I suppose harvest is keepin ya pretty busy now
10-09-2010 01:02 AM Powersledder
have an online ad or just local?
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