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westman995 08-12-2009 12:26 PM

Is it my computer or is the site messed up?
Is it just my computer or is the site fucked up? Everything on the site just shows as a red x for all the icons for the threads and avatars etc. My computer messed up or the site? Other sites seem to work fine for me.

Dirty_Harry 08-12-2009 12:27 PM

Works fine for me.

westman995 08-12-2009 12:28 PM

Shit must be this old ass browswer i have. Ill update it now. I was having problems before but not anymore, except the pics on this site. Only this site has been doing it, someitmes it works sometimes it dont.

Dirty_Harry 08-12-2009 12:30 PM

Firefox my friend.

westman995 08-12-2009 12:33 PM

Im not a fan of firefox. I really like my IE. Ive never ever had problems with it til recently, which im pretty sure its not even IE. My computer is fucked up, sometimes it will just stop my internet connection, the internet is on, just my computer wont connect. I have to restart the computer and then it works again. Pretty messed up. And pissing me off.

CWPottenger 08-12-2009 04:44 PM

Works for me... so probably your end. Personally if it has Microsoft's name on it I try to avoid it like the plague... Only my personal thoughts.

westman995 08-12-2009 05:06 PM

Yep apparently alot of people dont like IE or many other MS things. I personally like them.

I got IE 7 instead, i think 8 is still crappy and has bugs not sure. It seems to be working most the time now, but it still once in a while shows up like that.

Vertical_Escape 08-12-2009 05:19 PM

Works fine for me on IE 8, FireFox, and Chrome .......... it's on your end.

OCR 08-12-2009 06:55 PM

Manually set your cache size for IE to a large setting. This should help with pre-load.
You can also set it to load text first and images last.

westman995 08-12-2009 08:07 PM

Appears to be working good now. Does the pics on the site require any programs? Cuz i updated the java also. I again for the 100th time reinstalled my OS due to its a piece of shit and always messes up haha..

How do i set that OCR?

OCR 08-13-2009 07:41 AM

When IE is open, click on "tools">"internet options".

westman995 08-13-2009 02:18 PM

Thats what i did, i cant find the option for the cache tho.

MX86 08-13-2009 02:26 PM

I prefer FF... tho that's just me

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