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Stud Boy king of the trail
Yankee Zephyr Racing Promotions is putting together Three trail rider grudge style snowmobile drag races in Western Michigan for the 2010 season The first will be in Reed City Michigan on January 16 2010 the second will be in Sand Lake Michigan on February 13 2010 and the third will be March 6 2010 over by Mancelona Michigan. To add to the excitment the fine people at Stud Boy traction products have put forth $650.00 in gift certificates at each of the three events creating the Stud Boy KIng Of The Trail Class. This class is open to any body with the super go fast sled that wants to prove it. There is no CC limit and no power adder limit. It must be a production snowmobile engine and it must be in a snowmobile body. now if you can be all you can be then Stud Boy will have prizes for you. The gift certificates will be given to the final four and divided up as such 1st $300 / 2nd $200 / 3rd $100 / 4th $50 This class will be run towards the end of the day at each event with an entry fee of $10 per sled. So if you are the king of the trail and want to prove it, be at one of the three events and race with all the other Stud Boy go fast gods on our four lane race america timming system. For more info call me at 1-616-260-4382 or Email me at

Jimmy McHugh

Dirty_Harry 12-29-2009 11:43 AM

Sounds fun. I might have to go.

Madcow 12-29-2009 03:10 PM

there you go harry!

Kevin Garceau 12-31-2009 08:18 AM

Awesome series idea....but like anything. He who has the most money wins. Been around racing my entire life. Have saw countless people bring 100K machines to race for 1k.....LOL

Madcow 12-31-2009 08:23 PM

i can see a bunch of f turds and boosted yamis showing up to this, trailer queen trail sleds.

Kevin Garceau 01-01-2010 09:27 AM

Me too Madcow. Although many boosted yammis are not total trailer queens. The amount of boost they will be running for this event will deem them worthless on the trails :) and essentially make them trailer queens for one event. But so be is what it is.

Mich_Sledder 01-01-2010 09:29 AM

I've not heard the term "Tailer Queen " before. Define it for me.

Mich_Sledder 01-01-2010 09:46 AM

Answered my own question:

Vintage Vocabulary
(Reprinted from our parent club, the Low Buck Vintage Riders Snowmobile Club, Menasha, WI)

Sooner or later you may find a Vintage rider who’s vocabulary, while not offensive, may be confusing to the average snowmobiler. Here is a pocket guide for decoding the Vintage Sled Head’s language into something understandable.

Pinch = Trail ride
Turn the Key = Time vintage sledders are leaving
Trail Iron = Vintage sled
Spare = Other sled on trailer
The Look = Trail Iron that may have mechanical alterations
Chick Magnet = Shiny Vintage Sled
Trailer Queen = Sled that sits on trailer with shine
Cushion = Any snowmobile with more than 3 ” of suspension travel
Slippery Stuff = Two Cycle Oil
Joy Juice or Motion Lotion = Premixed Gas
Arabian Fluid = Can be anything from grease, oil, Paint brush cleaner. Note sentence structure
Going over 55 = Sled on trailer pulled by car or truck
A-7 = Spark Plug
Custom = Duct tape, or altered to make due
Skid Lid or Brain Basket = Helmet
Tow-Rope - Nick Meulemans or a must have item
Trail Ears = Ear Plugs
Health Food = Bar Burger
Free = The Good 4 letter “F” word
Food = The other 4 letter “F” word
“Low Buck” Price = Free
Vintage Pricing = Real close to Free
Rattle Can = Spray Paint
Mop Job = Brush Paint
Polish Chrome = Silver Paint
Broom Paint = Really BAD mop job
Tweak = Fine Tune
Shoe Horn Inn = Replace engine with larger one
Shade Tree = Modify or a parts manual
Transfusion = Siphon gas from one sled to another
Pickle Boy Wallet = Duct tape wallet (very impressive)
Highly Sought after Beverage = Root Beer
Wrench = Someone good with mechanical things
Tilly = Carb
Tilly Twist = A carb adjustment on a Pinch
Tilly Toss = Olympic event under review
Trick = Souped Up
Suit Sucker = Sled with mid-mounted engine
Shake and Bakes = Hand Warmers
Main Safety Switch = Located between sled drivers ears
MacGyver = Multi Tool carried by LBVR & NEWLBVR members
Ink = Information in writing (service manual)
Trail Ink = Map
Pointer = Compass
144 = Snowmobile ads
Hair Dryer = Fan cooled sled
Night Vision = Flashlight with good batteries
Permission Slip = Discussed with significant other
DNR Safety Coupon = Way Cool DNR recognition

Kevin Garceau 01-01-2010 05:47 PM

Well not what I would consider a trailer queen in the definition we were talking about above.

I look at it like a purpose build sled that although is claimed to be a trail sled, and is built to what most classes would consider trail class rules (specific studs, full chassis, etc) its main focus is to show up to these events and dominate :)

While I have absolutely nothing wrong with that, I just dont have one...... I always like some of the street car shoot outs, were made to go on a long ride, fill up at a gas station with premium fuel only, no cool down etc, then run.

Madcow 01-01-2010 06:05 PM

thats what i would like to see, a ride n race. all sleds show up empty on gas, fill up at the gas station and then go for a ride. a simple 30 mile loop, then refill all sleds and then go to the race. that would be a true trail sled shoot out.

if its bumpy and some poeple ride slow who cares. just before you make the run down the track you have to make the run around the trail.

Kevin Garceau 01-01-2010 07:49 PM

Yep, tanks are sealed with something at the pumps so you cant be adding anything later. Heck go one stop further and make the loop in a certain amount of time, this will take some of the drag chassis type sleds out of it.

It will still be dominated by those with the most money, but it would at least open it up to a few other sleds and give them a chance. 200 + hp yammis arent that uncommon, hell up north on the lakes plenty of boosted Apes out there..... wish I had one in my garage. Soon, maybe soon.

Madcow 01-02-2010 07:44 AM

boosted yamis are very trailable, but once you get them on pump gas a good big bore triple can now compete. we still need to handicap it for the f-turds so they have a chance.

Kevin Garceau 01-02-2010 08:22 AM

With the new methanol injection NOTHING can compete with the boosted yammis on pump gas. The system injects methanol to help with octane/detonation. This is the set up Monster was getting a ridiculous amount of hp out of his "trail" sled Nytro. I want to say like 400hp, and very close to 500hp out of the Apex. Obvsiously this is rare example.

Nitrous can come into play here, the clutching may be a big doggy for the trail ride but a big bore could compete and still spray the hell outta it on the run.

I think that new 20hp add-on yammi charger is going to be a big hit, very simple to install very plug and play. Hell you can run all stock electronics with it still. 170 isnt all that great by todays standards, but sure better than 150 :)

Madcow 01-02-2010 10:01 AM

hp doesnt always win the race. 250 hp of boosted yami can easliy be beat by 200 hp of pure motor with a good setup.

you can get the t cat up to 270 hp on pump gas pure motor.

Rubi 01-02-2010 10:29 AM

The best fun I had at a radar run was watching 3 Yammis (with turbo and/or nitrous) pay for about 15 runs to try to beat Riley's fastest speed of the day. Didn't happen. Yeah, I'm sure the big name guy with 500 hp and $75,000 invested could have walked in and whooped up on everyone, but that doesn't happen all the time. He can only be at one or two events each weekend.

Kevin Garceau 01-02-2010 01:28 PM very light boost setting.

Remember trail sled guys, trail s leds.

Kevin Garceau 01-02-2010 01:40 PM

I am excited to see what some of the new turbo cats are going to be doing, how they are lasting etc.

Madcow 01-02-2010 01:57 PM

cant do worse than the f turd.

Kevin Garceau 01-04-2010 12:52 PM

Copied from another site... 600hp and warranty on your yammi 4s :)

heres 2 video links to the run,

Simons cpr's new driver Dan Wade went 7.646 this Sunday during the real street drags at union grove.

we will be posting 2 videos take from spectators in the crowd, sorry, nothing like osp's, but i wish we had someone on the team who was capable of making videos like theirs because they look great. and scans of the run.

60 ft 1.220

330 ft 3.306

660 ft 4.962

660 mph 149.52

1000 ft 6.400

1320 ft 7.646

1320 mph 178.42 but i think the highest we've gone is 178.57

we also backed up the run with a 7.764 et at 178.57mph

we will make a post on this with all the info soon, just have some work to get done first.

i forgot to mention that this is not a light weight promod either, this is a factory 2003 yamaha rx-1 snowmobile, that is carbureted, (no efi) we haven't had this new setup on the dyno yet, but judging by the mph, it has to be close to 600 hp.

p.s. now that we have finished testing and tuning this package, we will be offering copies of this turnkey sled that are guaranteed to run 7.6 1/4 miles or better on a good track, and not blow up the motor when you break a belt, or your money back.


Madcow 01-10-2010 11:02 AM

thems some good runs! but then you get into the debate like cars, do you have classes for pure motor vs power adders?

if i was to organize a trail sled shoot out i guess my rules would be

classes for cc and then for power adders.

stock and improved stock classes

studs and no studs

it would be run on ice so the track doesnt change a lot, hard pack snow would be great but the first run will be faster since the snow gets beat up.

all studs must be trail studs, no chisels or ice pics.

run whatever gas you want to, but there would be a small trail ride for every sled before they race. so at 9 am would be the first big group ride then after that a guide sled would take out any late comers.

no trophy's just braggin rights, you want to say someone else is cheating your sled would get teched first.

Brian Lee 03-09-2010 02:49 PM

those are killler ideas ya'll, its hard to find anything around the Quad Cities from what i have looked for.

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