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eagle1026 01-09-2011 05:54 PM

what causes clutch hang up?
it seems that my clutch is hanging up and wont disengage all the way when i come to a stop i pulled out my spring and it is not broke what could be the problem.....

blue avenger 01-09-2011 06:44 PM

dirt, bushing worn or shaft bad. still have it apart? how do things slide? wobble?

Madcow 01-10-2011 07:02 AM

what are the symptoms?

in the primary if the rollers and wieghts are shot you can get sticking engagement.
if the secondary spring was bad you would have low operating rpm, belt slippage, poor performance.

Powersledder 01-10-2011 08:52 AM

Ibreakstuff had a hell of a time trying to figure out what was wrong with his sled a few years ago, turned out that the primary shaft was actually bent.

Ibreakstuff 01-10-2011 12:22 PM

The I got a POS new clutch that ended up being almost as bad. So I just bought ANOTHER new clutch. Amazing how smooth good clutch engages.

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