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DirtylilWolfess 06-12-2011 11:02 AM

2011 Race season
Nothing crazy so far. The 250 is sitting and waiting to be put back together. Bearings are in the freezer, waiting to be dropped back in the case.

This year, I'm the fastest one in the slower pack on my kickass little bike. We've had Canadian pros come down on their 450s every week, so my numbers don't look as good as last year. I'm thinking that will change by a place or two when my express ticket to hell 250 gets finished.

This weekend had us at the track that busted me up a few years ago, and this year, I kicked its ass! :)

There are two rhythm sections, small, but I didn't have the tits or skills to hit either of them for the past four years. It's also a damper on my spirits when I have to show up for work every Monday in good enough shape to pound a wheeler through cultivated fields, and pay my own medical expenses.


Saturday had me in the groove, especially during the first moto. :woot:

I had a shitty start, but instead of being bunched up in the first corner with the rest of the crowd, I found a line through the middle and raged through, prettymuch passing all but two bikes. Unfortunately a bunch of the big ones passed me in the next straight flat section.

I caught and passed them through the next corner, and got passed back in the straight again. This went on for about two laps. Then one of the rhythm sections came up, and instead of shying off the throttle, I hauled ass straight into it and executed my first nearly perfect Double-Double-Single.

That alone gave me some damn good room! So I did it again! I managed to keep shit going for the next couple laps despite having tires rubbing my rear tire in every corner. I came out on top. (6th outta 10).

The next moto had me missing that spot by one bike. I fucked up a corner coming into the longest flat straight section, and I couldn't catch the chick on her big bike.

Currently sitting 4th out of 14 for season points.

I am dead set on getting my 250 going by next weekend. Then I'll be running the 450C class, and hopefully get some good track time there too, and qualify for season championship points.

Gotmud 06-12-2011 02:20 PM

4th out of 14 going into the season kicks ass!! Congrats!

Powersledder 06-12-2011 09:09 PM


blue avenger 06-13-2011 08:59 AM

no crashes in the mud? good dry track must have been a treat!

my sunday had a crash in it. Had to swerve and stop, No time to straighten the wheel. with all the rubber on a TW200 the front brake is to good! It came to a stop and folded into the pavement. Scuffed a knee and bruised a nipple removing the mirror. Scuffed a helmit also! Being as I had it on I'm still pretty!!

Gotmud 06-13-2011 10:07 AM

Ouch, at least you still think your pretty lol.:pointlaugh:

DirtylilWolfess 06-15-2011 04:01 PM

We did some shit on Sunday.

This is how kickass my dad is. Those are my crank cases, and he is doing some bearing installation. I got a few in, but one or two were just to bastardly for my not very skilled self to get 'em in.

The shit his left foot is in moves it around (slowly) to keep things from freezing up on him. He's got a few more days before any weight can be on that right foot. At least 6 more weeks for the left one.

Powersledder 06-15-2011 04:03 PM

Good to see he recovering well!

thebreeze 06-15-2011 04:42 PM

Wrenching in the recliner!! That's kick ass!:thumbss:

blue avenger 06-17-2011 01:14 PM

going to loan him the little bike motor when he gets the 250 done? That chair look a bit slow! Still better them some of the other options!

DirtylilWolfess 06-22-2011 10:52 AM

I'll have to throw up a picture of all the toys he's got for temporary usage.

- Off road golf cart
- Old lady scooter
- AC Prowler (that one lives just across the road)

He won't ride my little racer. It likes riding on the back wheel too much for his tastes. We do have a little XR100 for when he's able to use it. A little hard to ride a bike when his right foot is still as tender as it is.

There's a harescramble up north this fall, and just maybe, he'll try it out with me again!

DirtylilWolfess 06-26-2011 02:54 PM

Friday night, I got done with work at about 9:30 give or take. Raged the half hour out to the farm to put the finishing touches on the bike.

Who knew that installing radiators, a spark plug, carb, and subframe would take a full hour and 42 minutes?

It was late, the dad and I were both tired as hell, but it was do or die.

At exactly 11:42, we rolled the Beast outside to a convenient apple tree in the dark, and fired it up. Okay, maybe I kicked it a couple times and was too short to get a decent enough stroke to get through the compression, then went to the tree afterwards with a sore ego.

Either way, it came alive with a pretty intimidating snarl!

It sounded so beastly I expected the damn thing to howl at the moon or take a bite out of my leg or something.

Even the dad commented that it sounded pretty mean, and backed away quite a bit.

Then it was time to try shit out.

Did I mention that it was pitch black out? Did I mention that I couldn't see where the hell I was going? Did I mention that the grass was slick as greased glass?

We opened shed doors, and turned on yard lights, then lined up a couple of the cars and turned the headlights on. With a quick prayer, I popped it in gear, and eased out the clutch. It was kinda like racing under the lights, only scarier! My yard isn't big enough to leave first gear, especially when it's that dark!

blue avenger 06-26-2011 03:42 PM

no wonder maw said you were screaming and she could not tell if it was fear or excitement

DirtylilWolfess 06-27-2011 12:01 AM

I don't think I've ever screamed in my life, (if we're talking that horror movie about to get murdered high pitched scream).

Think the term she used was something along the lines of "shrieking."

I was enjoying having the shit scared outta me. I was laughing like a little fool every time I cracked the throttle. :woot: :mr:

OCR 06-27-2011 08:02 AM

Shrieks of joy!!!!

DirtylilWolfess 07-04-2011 02:33 PM

Decided to try a new jump this weekend to change things up.

(Okay...things kinda got away from me when I dropped the clutch a little early before I had shit pointed in the right direction).

blue avenger 07-04-2011 07:27 PM

turn your head! Or did you see something ahead you wanted to chase? :)

How are you liking the new ride after a few races?

DirtylilWolfess 07-04-2011 10:09 PM

Can't turn when your front wheel is off the ground. I'd just managed to reach the clutch when this shot had been taken...too late to save it.

TheKuskokid 07-06-2011 04:10 AM

I had a CR 125 back in 1975 that had been turned into a flat tracker. Guy in North Carolina won a bunch of trophies with it before getting out of the game. Sold me his ride. It didn't seem like much until it hit about 4k rpm then it was all I could do to hold on and shift gears. A frinkin' animal. I know about shrieks of surprise...

Your ride sounds like a winner. Chug a 5-hour energy drink just before hitting the track. You can do the same with a couple snorts of ephedrine to make sure the sinus are clear. The downside to this is pain is intensified by the effects of ephedrine, but boy everything will sure be in focus.

I uh, learned all this stuff second hand by the way.

Powersledder 07-07-2011 10:14 AM

I got my TM250 out again the other day, still planning on getting a new carb for it when I can get the money and restore the bike, but once the revs get high enough to clear it out the bike's acceleration is only limited by how fast you can work the clutch. Can't believe I waited so long to get one of these death machines lol.

DirtylilWolfess 07-14-2011 05:23 PM

^^I know it. Don't think I'll ever go without having a decent fast bike to rip around on :)

Got in some practice with the "Moto Assholes" at The Skrap Yard track last Sunday...

Then, at the request of this little 65 dude's mom, I followed him around and pulled the bike off him whenever he crashed. That wasn't actually too often. He was actually fast enough that I was getting a lot of good corner practice just chasing him through the corners.

Kickass day :) Picture credits go to Gemini!

DirtylilWolfess 08-28-2011 11:01 AM

Well...I've had a couple more races under my belt...

Weekend before last was at the big sandy track in Brooks. I got my ass totally kicked.

At that point, I was tied in season points.

450C came up first, so I planned to just cruise the track and see what lines showed up. Since the women's class was a whopping 2 motos after that, I fully planned on just riding slow, and getting lapped up so I'd have just a little rest after my "practice moto."

All went well until I tipped over in a particularly hateful 180 sand corner. Not a big deal. I picked things up and went on my way. I cruised right back to the starting line and picked a gate and waited all of 3 minutes, and realized that I had prettymuch tired myself completely out. Idiot.

Women's moto (the one I'm really gunning for points in), I haul ass out the gate, but had a shitty start. This meant I had to chase riders down and pass them before I could get to my nemesis on the black and pink Yammi thumper, number 87. She's tough competition, but once I get around her, things are usually golden.

I caught up to her and another chick on the 2nd lap around, and they cluster fucked every corner royally. Sure enough, she stalled it in the 180 sand corner, blocking prettymuch every decent line off. I went wide to try go around her, but got cross rutted and fell. It was a bunch harder to pick shit up that time. But I got on and started shit up only to have the chick in last place run straight into me.

It was like a friggan circus, because she was stuck in the rut, and couldn't go anywhere until I got myself out of the way. At that point, there was nothing left to do but laugh my ass off at the hilarity of it all. This time, I barely managed to get things upright. That 250 is not the heaviest bike out there, but it can be a really immovable bastige for someone my size.

Last place chick ran into me again before I was even on the bike. She was just trying to get the fuck out of dodge, which was understandable.

This time she made it past... thanks to knocking me over in the other direction. At that point, I was toast. The nearest flagger finally made it over, and handed me the flag with the directions, "hold this so we don't get hit again" while he picked up my bike and pointed things in the right direction. Lappers came through and I heard two of them say WTF as they passed.

Yea...I yellow flagged for my own hazard. :poosy: It was some funny shit.

The next women's moto, I hauled ass, and took 4th out of 8. For the day though, I was 7th overall.

This past weekend was a hard pack track (with shitloads of rocks) out in ND a little ways. Practice was squirrel as hell. A lot like riding on greased glass actually. Shit dried up some though, and the first moto went pretty well.

In fact, I blasted out of the gate and took the holeshot straight out from a pro canadian's hands. She did get me after the 2nd corner, but I held 2nd place for close to a lap. It was pretty awesome. 2 more chicks made it around me thanks to me shorting a double.

4th out of 8.

450C went the same way. I pulled another holeshot, which is saying a lot because those dudes on the 450s are never slow out of the gate. I got passed a little bit later, but not a big deal. I still beat one, and figured out how to do the double that I've never managed to land in my life.

Women's class went awesome again. Yet another holeshot. One of the DNF from the last moto made a spectacular wheelie out of the gate, but recovered it with enough time to pass me in addition to the 3 chicks that had beat me last time. Either way, I was still stoked for it since I'd beaten my nemesis by 3 places. We should be pretty close in points again!

DirtylilWolfess 09-21-2011 03:04 AM

Sept 3rd

More holeshots. More comfortable on my favorite track. Would've been way faster on a smaller bike (it's a lot of tight corners), but it's all good.

Roost shot!!!! :woohoo:

Gotmud 09-21-2011 06:54 AM

Nice, congrats Wolfers!! Shane shit when he asked who was in the picture and I told him it was you lol.:beerchug:

I never made a race thread for Shane and I so I'll stomp on yours lol. I ended up racing 450cc and 600cc classes this year with my quad. I traded 1st and 2nd place all season in both classes. Our last race was Sunday and I did end up getting points champion in the 600cc class which is surprising and cool all at once lol.

We ended up missing the first 2 races of the season, which really hurt Shane in the points race unfortunately. He went undefeated all season, if had he made at least 1 of the 2 races we missed he's have been points champion. He missed it by 2 points, I really felt bad for him.

Shane has been practicing most of the summer on a blaster as thats what he'll be stepping up to next year. This coming weekend our fall races start so hopefully we can make them all and run for the points again. Shane will be running his 90cc mod AND he's going to run a bone stock blaster in the stock class. Should be interesting to see how he does, I know I'm looking forward to it. He wants to use his drag blaster but I've accidentally dragged my feet enough he can't race it until next year lol. I want him practicing on a stock blasty first, not one that will beat me lol.

Mookie Brown 09-21-2011 09:54 AM

Wolfie - I assume #19 is you


Originally Posted by DirtylilWolfess (Post 114340)
^^I know it. Don't think I'll ever go without having a decent fast bike to rip around on :)

Got in some practice with the "Moto Assholes" at The Skrap Yard track last Sunday...

Then, at the request of this little 65 dude's mom, I followed him around and pulled the bike off him whenever he crashed. That wasn't actually too often. He was actually fast enough that I was getting a lot of good corner practice just chasing him through the corners.

Kickass day :) Picture credits go to Gemini!

DirtylilWolfess 09-21-2011 10:06 AM

Mookster, I only wish I had that pimped out little orange KTM! It's a badass little bike! :)

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