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Powersledder 07-11-2011 01:40 PM

440, 600 and other random parts. BUY MY STUFF!
Gotta clean out the garage and move some parts, all prices are OBO so shoot me a reasonable offer. Pics are up on photobucket, anything you see in the linked album is for sale. If you have any questions about parts let me know.

Part / Part Number, description / Price(all OBO)

Stator / 4011411 14deg / $50
Flywheel / 4010629 14deg / $50
600CFI Cylinder / 3021866, lightly scuffed on the exhaust side but you can't feel it with a finger nail, is still usable as is. / $150
600VES Cylinder Core / 3021866, missing a chunk of cylinder skirt / $75
600VES Cylinder Core / 3021866, dents in top of cylinder / $75
600VES VES Assemblies / $75pair
600VES Motor Straps / $20
600VES Crankcase / 5630846 / $100
600 VES Carb Boots / 0 angle, with reeds / $50pair
440HO Crank / $100
440 HO Cylinders, pistons, VES Asm. / 3021604 / pistons are a little rough but could work just to get you going $250all
440 HO Lo-comp head /with water cover and temp sensor $125
440 HO Hi-comp head / $50
440 HO Y-Pipe $25
600VES Y-pipe $25
440 HO pipe and Can $75

PSI Big Bore, big block 700 cylinders(68mm stroke, 86mm bore) 800cc. I really want to keep these around because they are unique in that this isn't a 760 or 770 kit, it is an 800. You don't see too many of them around, but I just don't have an engine platform for them anymore now that I've moved onto working with smallblocks. Only problem with the cylinders are the head bolt threads, half are heli-coiled and need to be redone and one of the bolts sheared off in the cylinder. I'm pretty sure millennium could fix them up no problem / $300pair

600/700/800 Big Block HTG Race pipes / $200
Fox rebuildable front shocks 16in CC one bent shaft / $75pair
SLP Boost Bottle for big block / $20
Mikuni TM38 carbs from a XC500 / $150
Cat Roller secondary / yellow spring and 49deg helix / $75
Black Magic BM-19 Cat Helix / $25
60-52 Cat Helix (purple) / $25
R-8 Polaris button Helix / $25

Slamdry 10-15-2011 07:34 AM

Power you got a good head for a 600ves laying around?

Powersledder 10-16-2011 08:27 PM

No, that was sold a long time ago Brian.

Slamdry 10-16-2011 08:31 PM

all good i ended up sending mine to the crank shop in vermont to have planed. we couldnt do it on our machine because of the stupid placement of the water inlet. gonna be like 30 bucks they said and should have it back by next weekend. fucker was warped to hell.

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