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fanboyz1231 01-10-2014 10:55 PM

93 polaris indy 500 EFI-water in gas help?
Hey,so i got the sled all tuned up,but ive kept it outside the past week,with only a quarter tank,because i had no access to a gas station the past week, is my issue:

so i started the sled up today,after maybe 5 pulls,once we had it going for a bit,with the battery light flickering at me the whole time.we added premium gas to fill er up(aprox 30L) i drove it maybe 15km, during that trek i noticed it slightly bogging out a bit, but i took no thought of it,so i kept going, but right as i hit the field i was NOT supposed to be in,it boggs right out.So my friend took me on his sled,we ran home,and grabbed the battery booster.after putting the booster on it started after maybe 10 pulls,i rode it to his house(another 1km).We then put it on the battery charger for the remainder of the afternoon, in the intent that we were going trailing tonight.

but even after we completly charged the battery 100% full,it still bogged out on me,but if i kept pulsing the throttle as it was bogging,sometimes it would kick up and give me full power again.

***my personal diagnostic on this, is water in the fuel tank/motor now

so here is my little list of questions:
1.if i buy that stuff from canadian tire that is supposed to get rid of stuff like that,and i put it in,and let it run through, is it then safe to ride er all the way home?
2.Is there anything that i should be concerned about with the water being in there right now?

and since its fuel injected,will that do anything??

once again,i thank all of you for your patience and help with this.

Ibreakstuff 01-10-2014 11:53 PM

Water can freeze and cause damage to all kinds of stuff.

Preferably, drain the tank with a siphon pump or remove it and dump it. It's only a few bolts.

If you had to, you could put ISO-HEET in the red bottle. Iso alcohol. Not sure the about any Canadian Tire stuff, Eh.

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