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FrankieJames7 01-09-2015 09:38 AM

Motor Mounting
Well shit guys, got my ultra engine. Ran it in the old ultra chassis for a while, it works.

Also tried to bolt it into my 1995 xcr 600(found out it wasn't a 96). motor mounts do not line up as the xlt motor is smaller than the ultra. Wouldn't work.

List of crap I gotta do

Cut off those airbox holder metal fin things that hold the stock xlt airbox in place. the mag side metal holder thing needs to have the rivets gone.

Change the oil tank maybe. The stock ultra oil tank holds the ECU where as the xcr oil tank will not

Maybe the cooling bottle too, it's right next to the oil tank. The XCR coolant bottle looks smaller and lighter so I might stick with that one if I can

Exhaust support nub thing(that rubber half ball that the middle of the pipe rests on). Maybe

Take out that stock xcr muffler holder crap that's riveted to the snowmachine

Exhaust outlet on the bellypan

Might have to change wire harnesses(look the same, 96 ultra vs 95 xcr 600)

All the small stuff above, what really stopped me was the motor mounts. They aren't the same and I need to make new ones(one side is broken anyways).

If i'm making new ones how hard would it be to drop the motor as far down as possible? What about moving the engine back too?

Looks like I got a mechanical adventure in front of myself now.

FrankieJames7 01-09-2015 09:43 AM

or i don't know what year it is actually. it has xtra 10 so it must be a 96. tunnel says manufacture date was 1 20 1995.

OCR 01-09-2015 11:30 AM

You could cut out the ones from the older sled and weld them into the newer frame.

Ibreakstuff 01-09-2015 02:06 PM

If it's manufactured in 95 it's a 96.

What's wrong with the Ultra chassis?

FrankieJames7 01-10-2015 03:27 AM


Originally Posted by Ibreakstuff (Post 131911)
If it's manufactured in 95 it's a 96.

What's wrong with the Ultra chassis?

lol everything, only had the engine and was crashed hard and the top of the shock tower was blown off.

FrankieJames7 01-10-2015 03:29 AM


Originally Posted by OCR (Post 131909)
You could cut out the ones from the older sled and weld them into the newer frame.

could do that too, but i was wondering would it be worth the effort to make straps for the stock ones.

FrankieJames7 01-10-2015 11:32 AM

Ok, so I went and took a look at things. Was planning on trying to mount the engine as low as possible(mounts on the floor). After figuring out that the floor is not level and has taken on impact from various things which cause dents I'll probably get the mounts in a different location. There are somethings that will get in the way. The box like structure, the shock towers are at the front, the clutch is to the left,the bottom of the steering post at the back, and the chaincase is to the right. That will need to be cut to allow the recoil housing to sit lower. There isn't very much clearance on the stock engine height. The tie rod that connects the steering post to the rest of the steering components will need to be either bent, or lowered(probably both) is the next thing that needs to be lowered. Areas of the bulkhead may need to be cut out to allow the relocation of this tie rod. The bottom of the steering post itself needs to be moved back. I was probably going to do a front tunnel cooler delete anyways, if I do that I can cut the front of the tunnel and move the entire front part back a few inches. Doing that will make room for the steering post to be moved further back, carb and airbox clearance, and the engine itself. I looked at how far the secondary can be moved back and if I cut the footwell just a little bit the clutch can be moved back a good 3 inches easily. Planning on using a slanted jackshaft with 2 joints in between the secondary and the chaincase so i can keep the stock chaincase top bearing location.

FrankieJames7 01-11-2015 04:28 PM


I found my stock XLT motor mounting plates and will just drill those to fit the Ultra case. For now at least. Still hoping to do a custom engine mount location but will cut up the already crashed ultra chassis first and do all the testing on that before I move onto the XCR

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