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Gotmud 03-07-2017 02:26 PM

Polaris Pro-RMK parts anyone? Parting out
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Ok, so to be honest there isn't a ton of parts that are good on my snowmobile. There are some, so few I don't know how to list them lol. If you need anything for a Pro, ask if it's available. I've somehow lost my lifetime membership so I don't have unlimited pms anymore, I will keep an eye on this thread though.

2011 engine and wiring, 2015 chassis.

The Gerbil 03-07-2017 03:01 PM

Are you putting the '15 engine in the assault? If the front end of the pro is still good I might be interested in the a arms/shocks.

Gotmud 03-08-2017 08:29 AM

Putting the engine, wiring, overstructure, exhaust, a-arms/shocks, belt drive(if its good) from the '15 to the assault. The right a-arms are good on the Assault if you are interested in getting half way to zbroz. I do have the '15 stock rmk a-arms? Gotta pull one shock off and see if it's straight, it looks like it may be jacked up. Same with rear shocks, not sure if they are straight. I don't see damage but judging from the way everything is twisted I want to pull them first. I don't really have anywhere for another month to put them so they are staying on a trailer in the yard until we can get them in the garage to start taking them apart.

Gotmud 03-08-2017 08:37 AM

It may be easier to just list what is possibly good lol.
2011 800 cfi 4000 miles, 600 since rktech fix kit when rebuilding top end.
2011 chaincase driveshaft/jackshaft
2011 clutches
2011 fox air shocks, I need to pull and verify one is straight
2015 rmk rear shocks, again I want to pull them first.
2015 rmk
fuel tank, seat(white/orange/black), white/black swirl powderhounds.
I have a few different tunnel/storage bags as well. Both under seat and tunnel.]
I'm sure there is more, just can't think of all the smalls.

The Baller 03-09-2017 11:34 PM

Yeah Mud, Gerbil shamed me endlessly in getting a new snowmobile so how much would you want for the voltage regulator and the rear shocks, gerbil is wondering about the gripper skis and mack has some deal where he would want the handlebars and all controls associated with them. Rubi feels like he needs the floats because gerbil wont shut up about them and he needs a clutch spring by tomorrow if not earlier. If possible could you throw in the windshield because Im more than likely going to wreck mine.

Gotmud 03-10-2017 09:10 AM

Missed you at the group ride Baller, we were waiting to see your mad skillz on the cadillac! I'm open to offers on any of it. No gripper skis, they are Powder Hounds, white/black swirl. handlebars? Did you look at the picture? Both sleds have junk bars but the controls could be had. I'll have to see what I have for windshields, the orange one on my sled could be for sale but it's got a broken piece.

Rubi 07-15-2017 03:24 AM

You think I was kidding about the clutch spring? Ruined my whole trip not having one. (...or made it so I had to buy a new one from dirt-floor Arctic Cat dude in Driggs)

Gotmud 09-07-2017 12:59 PM

Ok so I have a slightly better Idea what's good and what's not. I have some rear shocks and powderhound skis for sale from 2015 RMK.:showletter:
2011 800 engine with 600 miles on rebuild
Primary & Secondary clutches
2011 chaincase, jackshaft, and driveshaft
2011 seat and fuel tank are also good.
I hate to say not much else is good at this point. Damage is slightly worse that originally feared. There may be a buttload more as I haven't gotten to the assault bulkhead yet, and I'm scared to see the condition. If there is anything you need, ask......

Gotmud 01-11-2018 02:11 PM

So if anyone still comes here and is looking for parts. There are all small items left. Electrical components, cooling hoses. right side tierod boot. I think that's all that's left.:showletter:

The Assault runs like a champ again!!

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