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Powersledder 03-03-2008 07:27 PM

2000 RMK rolling chassis (or with 700 or 800)
I really wanna start next years build, so I need to start selling more stuff.

Here's the link to specs

Chassis is a 2000 Polaris RMK with the 144 Xtra Lite rear suspension and Xtra10 RMK front suspension. There is about 5,000 miles on chassis. I can sell this as a complete sled, complete roller or partial roller, price will depend on what you want. The exhaust outlet in the belly pan has been elongated by about 8-10" towards the chaincase because I've tried 3 different exhaust systems in this chassis. A little snow will pack in there when open, but all it needs is a plate riveted over the unused area to fix it.

Here's the options

Stock '00 Sidehiller Skis
Like new condition Slydog powderhounds, 6" shaper bars look brand new
'06 IQ RMK dual runner skis

Stock 700 with 3000 miles on bottom end, 0 on top end rebuild(Complete)
PSI bored and ported 800, based off of a 700, about 3000mi (will most likely be rebuilt before sale)

Keihin PWK or Mikuni Flatslide carbs

Does not have a seat, can have a 6" pivot riser or stock bar clamp at stock height with stock bar cover. I am also going to put the stock Snow Check RMK hood back on with either a red or black windshield

If you want any info or have questions feel free to ask

Still not sure on prices yet, but between the chassis, 700 and 800 motors I'd like to get $3000

Gotmud 03-03-2008 08:20 PM

What did you think of the psi engine? Specs?

Powersledder 03-03-2008 08:30 PM

I really like it, its got a lot of power. if I hadn't been drawn to another project idea like a moth to a light bulb, I'd be running it next year........or maybe if I find a good deal on a pair of IQrs I will be :stirpot:

Only issue I've had with it is that one of the carb boots cracked while riding on a really cold night. Before I noticed it I went WOT for a few seconds and noticed the sled starting to bog and one of the EGT's went up. I got new carb boots and noticed it still has top end bog, which is most likely caused from a crank seal. I've popped the head off and saw no cylinder scoring, but the engine is getting a good inspection before I sell it to anyone. This means I'll be pulling the cylinders off to check the pistons and crank/crank seals


-PSI 800 Big Bore kit based off a 1998 700 Liberty twin
-220 cylinders bored out to 86.5mm (90% sure but haven't personally measured it yet)
-PSI porting work on cylinders
-Adjustable PSI Dial-A-Dome heads
-Vforce reeds

2slow4u 12-18-2008 10:03 PM

chassis still around?

Powersledder 12-18-2008 10:15 PM

sorry, decided to keep it

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