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Default Mookie's got problems - and I need advice!

I'm a reasonably good tinkerer, but I've got a problem with the boat I just can't figure out. Since there's a lot of awesome wrenchers around here, I thought I'd toss this bastard of a problem out for some feedback.

I've got a major boat elecrical problem! It's a Mastercraft '03 Prostar 209 with about 180 hours. It has the Indmar 350 MCX 5.7L engine.

I started noticing some weird electrical issues last summer, but they have gotten worse since then. At first, the raido would just shut off randomly from time to time. It would come back on just as randomly and it didn't seem to matter if the boat was running or not. I also thought the battery was starting to hold less and less charge because it would struggle to start. You know how a nearly dead battery sounds on a cold morning - the starter clicks and then barely turns, but the car starts? It was like that.

So, this spring I just bought a new battery and assumed my problems would be over. Wrong! In fact things are worse. About three weeks ago I went to the access without charging the new battery (bought that day) and the starter just clicked. So,I charged the battery up pretty good (about an hour) and tried again with success. Drove it for 30 minutes and ran the radio, blower and other accessories. Everything seemed fine until we stopped the engine for about 15 minutes. I then tried to start the boat and it was right back to what seemed like a nearly dead battery. Today, I went out to tackle this problem by starting with terminal cleaning. Everything is now spottless, the battery is fully charged and I can't even get the blower or radio to turn on, the clock to run or anything else! When I turn the key to on, the fuel pump kicks on with what seems like full power, but the starter still just clicks.

I am really baffled? Anyone had experience with this? Is there some kind of master electric control panel besides the breaker panel under that dash (nothing was tripped)? Voltage regulator?

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