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I have vintage sleds like that, work great in the garage, and wont start on the trail.LOL

I would still clean and check your connections, grounds do strange things.

On a side Note;
I had this happen on my 97 Bonnie. just recently.
about 3-4 years ago. I had a shop tune up my car and threw a new battery in.
Didnt seem to start as good, or as fast.(I was driving about 200 miles a day to get to work, I didnt have time to do it)

Last winter I found out that Excide made a lot of Bad batterys at that time,(poor/low voltage) so I bought another battery, the kid said you need this battery, I said NO,I want that big ass one,(Old School).

Well my guages acted weird, car was doing strange things, didnt seem to run right. Took it to a guy and he said it's your battery, it's to Big, HUH
The car is protecting itself by draining off power, so it wont damage the puter. That's why at idle or at a stop light, the voltage guage/others would dive down, car ran bad, to drain off power. You Dont need a big ass battery, because most new cars, if you cant get them to start in a few try's more then likely they wont start.
I thought he was wrong/full of it..., but I put the old battery back in, and the car works fine, the car hasnt done one strange thing since.
Now I heard from several people that say, on new cars Never put a battery in that is bigger then what the Mfg recommends.
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