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Default *Update* Waveblaster won't stay running

Hey guys I figured I check for a 2nd opinion here. The blaster was giving me some trouble this last weekend.

I posted this over at greenhulk and talked to a friend and a dirty carb seems to be the overall feeling. So any agreeing or other ideas would be greatly welcome so I can work on it next week when I get back to MI.

Here's what I know
-Turns over and will run for 5-30 seconds and then die.
-Starts right up with a starter fluid but dies same way.
-drained the battery 2 times trying to get it running.
-Haven't checked compression as I didn't have my guage.
-Ran after the 2nd time I had to recharge the battery (was actually able to use it).
-Has fresh gas (premix).
-Took 2 trys to get it started when I came off (once running), used to just start right up.
-Once running it ran fine, no power loss or anything.
-Doubt it matters but the previous owner had the idle set a little higher.

Thanks guys

On an upside I can get get on it pretty easy now.

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