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Default Slednutz Race Team

I've thought about this before and think that the "core" group of us here would not have a problem donating $5 or $10 to a race fund to those that are serious about getting into a couple of races. DooTalk has this sort of thing and it seems they do pretty good with it. So what do you think? You guys probably know by now that I don't have much money to throw around, and I'm probably in debt deeper than most of you(mortgages included) but for something like this I can spare the extra $10 or even $20 to help a friend.

For example, wolfie wants to hit up a couple more dirtbike races this summer. So say 10 of us throw in $10 each, that's $100 for her to get her AMA membership and pay some fees. Then we just gotta make sure someone gets her some SN stickers for her bike and her "pit vehicle"

Another example would be to make sure Gotmud gets enough SN stickers and beer to bring his son over to Haydays to race.
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