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Default just stopped getn spark after an hour of riding....JS550

to start off ill say this.... I ride the hell outta my JS550....I nose dive, ride wheelies, do 180/360s, etc....

i was out doing my usual 2 hour ride after work. After riding for a lil over an hour i was doing some 180s and noticed that ski felt a little sluggish after coming out the hole. And at top end you could feel it lagging a lil and would chug here n there.

So i took it into shore to check for maybe excessive water in hull and/or low fuel. No water in hull and little over half tank, so ok there. Figured id take it back out for another test run, and she wouldNT fire...only turn over and over.....

I have ski at work with me.

Compression is 151 psi PTO side and 155 psi mag side

You can smell that its getting fuel

but plugs dont have one bit of spark...

is there a fuse i can check? or a wire i should look out for?

any help/advice would help greatly

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