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Default Wolfie's braaper list.

Last week started with a to-do list that just didn't happen. This is mainly because changing fork oil is a two person job and I am only one person. Here is my personal tick off list.

Here is the need to do list:

- Buy a sled!

- Change fork oil
----- New chain and sprockets
----- Buy a new helmet
- Put on new hand grips
- New rings and/or whole top end depending on what my piston looks like (And find out what the fuck they shoved in there with the big bore kit...)

Maybe/later/hopeful stuff:
- Brake pads, both front and rear
- Leatt brace
- Pre-printed number plates (To make me look faster? More glamorous?)
- Black gripper seat cover
- Torque wrench (5-80 pounds).


Chain and sprockets ordered and hopefully arriving in a week. Grips are purchased. Possible helmet deal worked so long as I stick with the No Fear brand. Fork oil is purchased and waiting for assistance. Possible sponsorship deal for helmet/top end/leatt brace/seat cover/number plates.

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