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Default 2010 Drag Racing Results

Well our first drag races were Sunday so here I am to report the results. I'm going to keep updating this thread after every race so there won't be a bunch of threads, it'll all be together.

Well Shane raced in both the 90cc and 200cc classes and took 2nd in both. A 240cc big bored Blaster beat him in the 200cc class and that same nasty little 90cc 2 stroke beat him in the 90cc class. He was happy as a pig in shit and already can't wait for the next race.

I did take 2nd but still couldn't beat that 100# woman on a 700 raptor from last year. She just spanked my ass, but I have a little sumptin sumptin for her at the next race.
I did get to race Honda's new TRX700 for the first time. It was pretty modded with a wheely bar too, holy shit was it slow. He killed me outta the hole because it was muddy and I slid all over, still beat him to the finish line. The only quad that gave me a race was the 700 Rappy with the scrawny woman on it, and she beats me by 2.5 fuckin lengths lol. I guess the 30 pounds I've dropped isn't enough lol.

Oh and sorry, no pictures lol.
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