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Default sea doo down! haha

So after spending 2 wks on getting it cleaned up registered carbs cleaned and dialed in took it out on the water ran really good just cruising to rebreak everything in and to get used the the machine then 20min in she dies out. found out it was the battery. so then sean came by with one of his xps he was fixing up to sell let my borrow the battery she turned over like no other. BUT would start and when it turned over water gushed out the exhause like it getting blasted out. took it home put a new battery in it tired starting it again. did the same thing

then she turnd overgushed out some more water and click! wont turn over and motor is locked up took the head off to see milky oil in one cylinder and water bubbles in the other.

one cylinder has movement but other isnt budging. so now 1 more thing to add to my list of non working items i own!

just needed to vent this so now im in a better mood haha just need to lauph it off because being pist is getting me fuckn no were ha
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