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Default Is there any way to safely lower compression?

OK so I popped one of my engines apart to make sure everything is OK. It is. But the engine has over 200 psi in each cylinder. No, the gauge is fine... trust me... I know it's over 200. I'm sick of being worried about it, I'm sick of it going too fast (seriously), but mainly I'm sick of the battery having to be charged 100% to turn the damn thing over. It's a Rotax, I've already put the thickest base gasket you can buy for it on it, so what are my other options? Take a die grinder to the domes and evenly grind some away?

I'm not 100% sure why it's so high - either the top case was milled, the bottom of the jugs were shaved, the top of the jugs were shaved, or the head was cut. Honestly they all look factory so I couldn't begin to guess which one it was.
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