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Originally Posted by Rubi View Post
Some people just don't understand that some jobs don't allow people to eat anything but fast food. Most of the time I can't even get fast food. I have to eat gas station food, and can't even attain the luxury of fast food. Shit, in the Dakotas, everything is closed when I leave for work in the morning, and it closes an hour before I get done with work. I don't know what I do then. I think I eat granola bars and jerky and drink shitloads of Dew. At least the Dew keeps my caloric intake at twice what the USRDA says, so I don't waste away.
I am lucky enough to live close enough to Fallmart that is open 24 hours.

But I'm with Rubi. A lot of jobs the nutz have don't allow for fast food or gas food time. One time, those fuckers at Taco Johns saw my boss and I damnnear running for the door on the way home from the job, and locked them just before we got up there. Bastards.

NJD is right too - salami goes cheap as hell, and Oscar Meyer bologna goes for 2 bucks for a pound quite regularly. Although I've eaten so many fricking bologna sandwiches that I gag on them now, since I couldn't afford anything fancier. This is kinda good for my waistline since I've lost five pounds over the summer that I gained over the winter. You can't eat what you don't bring along.

Damn near all the gas stations around here have microwaves for public use, so no need to drag one with in your car IBS. Just a cup'o'noodles and a water jug.
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