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Default It dumped today... pretty early, huh?

Yeah, we got snowed out at work today. We were paving the shit out of some road by White Shield, North Dakota and it started sprinkling a little bit. Then we started seeing a few stray snowflakes, but nobody believed it. They said it was dust, or moths, or wheat chaff. I assured everyone that it was dumping, and that I am an expert. Still nobody believed it. Then somebody looked at the weather on his phone, and saw snow on the radar.... then everybody believed it. What a bunch of dipshits! They believe something they see on their phone before they believe reality right before their eyes!! WTF!? Before long, there was no denying it, because it was dumping pretty hard. No accumulation on the ground, but lots of other surfaces were catching a little bit. It dropped from 45 degrees to 35 degrees in about an hour and the snow continued.

Seems to me that it's early to see the first snow. We didn't see the first snow until mid October last year, but that was actually accumulating. Are we in for an extended Indian Summer starting in about a week, or is winter just going to set in for good in about a month?
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