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Default 1989 Kawasaki sx650

Ok I figured I'd try getting an opinion on here as I know you guys are familiar with the Kawasakis.

I've got a guy trying to sell me a 89 sx650 for $500 that includes an extra blown motor. What do you guys think. Thinking of going to check it out this weekend. Guy said it has new grips, is pre-mix, pipe, dual carbs, intake grate and cover.

I'm thinking it might be worth it it I can get a little bit of money from the blown engine (bad crank) and talk him down.

I'd like to pickup a stand up for the summer and get rid of the waveblaster I picked up this summer. Superjet would be ideal but this seems like a decent deal and could probably be flipped for alittle money if it checks out.

Any opinions?
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