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Default Twin SLP pipes on 600 twin...

Ok so my buddy bought this sled. It was a 440 race sled, with a 600 motor in it. I think the sled was like 2000 or 2001 ill double check. Ill try and find out what year the motor is out of. It has SLP twin pipes on it. I was gona look at SLP website to find jetting specs for it to be sure its jetted right for around here. However i am not seeing any twin pipes for any 600 twin arctic cats that are even around this year. Did they even make twin pipes for a 600 twin cat?? The carbs have 350 main jets in it. I cant see anything on the pilots. But its running like shit on idle and doesnt stay running. Sometimes have to keep the choke on to stay running and shit. It doesnt have an air box either, its got air filters unfortunately. Anyone have any input on this? I told him not to buy a cat. Hahaha
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