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Default FOR SALE: SLP Ceramic Pipe and Can for '06-'09 Carbed Polaris 600 HO

Fits: Fusion/RMK/Switchback/IQ For CARBED 600 motor

This pipe and can is brand new. I bought it for my 2008 RMK 600 and never opened the box. It is SLP part # 09-634. SLP wants $579.95 for it, and I'll sell mine for $425. Don't ask for pictures since it is still sealed in the original shipping box from the dealer. If you want a picture, here is a link to it on SLP's website:

If you want to buy it, I'll cut the box open and make sure they didn't send me a lump of coal or something, instead of the pipe. At that point I'll inspect the pipe with the assumption it is in brand new condition. If I find a scratch or something that happened during shipping and handling, I'll let you know and we can discuss it at that point.
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