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Default Exhaust backfire

I have a 77 Exciter with a 540 fan from an 80 XLV in it. When the engine was in the XLV it ran like a top with a ton of power.
It backfires through the exhaust when I try to accelerate from an idle. I have replaced the plugs, reeds, and cleaned and reset the carb. It has the exhaust from the 340 Exciter in it. It does not have an airbox on it yet. I was hoping to get it running before modding an airbox to fit.

I was told if the exhaust was not the right size it would create an issue with the performance.

This project has been one challenge after another. This is a custom I would never attempt again. I just want the mechanics right so I can get the hood done and painted over the summer. I hope to have everything done for next winter as my daily rider.

We affectionately call this Frankensled. It has parts from Yamaha, Polaris and A/C.

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