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Default clutch problems

I have a 01 mountain cat 1000 and i rode it on friday and it ran awsome then on sat I rode it and it was running the same way.then while i was riding it i came to a stop then when i tryed to take off the belt stated slipping really bad so I shut it down to let it cool down for about a half hour on the side of the trail.then i tryed to start it i tryed taking off by its self so i hit the brake and the motor died on my then i pulled it over again being prepared for it to take off and when it started i just gave it some gas and took off and after that every time I came to a stop the motor wanted to died like the clutch wasnt disengaging so I put on a new belt and still everytime i come to a stop i have to give it some gas so it dont die on me what could cause that?
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