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Default thoughts on this response would be great!

I looked at a 97 500 liquid cooled sled today, not sure of exact model. Compression was 125 in each cylinder. I pulled the plugs and mag side seemed kind of rich, even fuel/oil sitting around spark plug. He might of just not had the plug down tight enough. I turned the cranck with the plugs out and heard what sounded kind of like liquid being moved around in the engine. Is it possible the crankcase could have gas in it that is getting in somehow? That is the only thing that I could think of if it is a liquid. Didnt smell of anti freeze in the exhaust. I guess it could be the suction sound of the pistons moving up and down but from memory I dont think my polaris engines sounded like that when I turned them by hand. Any thoughts on that. I would hate to have him buy a sled with a big issue.
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