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Thumbs down scorpion tk 440 problem

ok so i'm new to collecting old sleds and my first purchase was a tk 440, the problem is is that the sled has a brand new top end and unfortunatley i did not do the work. I am having trouble with carburation. It is a mikuni carburator and i'm just stumped. The engine is getting way too much fuel, it will run for about 30 seconds and flood and if i pinch off the fuel line hold the throttle open nd pull it over a few times it will start, and run out of gas. I can do this all day wit hthe thing but i just can't get the carb to work properly. i have tore it apart and cleaned it and i still get the same results. So what do i do now, i would really like to use the carb as it is the original carb for the sled...
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