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Default Jan in the Snowies with Nutz

Well most everyone has already been home a couple days and I see no thread on our trip? Come on guys where the hell are the pictures? I'm by no means a writer like Rubi, Wolfers, or IBS but I'll give it a shot to at least get more pictures going. Anyone with pictures from this trip please, please post them here as we all may like to save a copy.

Well we departed on Tues evening as planned and once we got to Laramie M8stealths truck ended up at the dealer getting repaired. We headed up the fuckin mountain and 2 miles from the cabin my transmission took a crap. Ended up having a Ford reman installed and got an extra day of riding, but it was an expensive extra day lol. Anyways, I didn't let that spoil my weekend too bad and made the best of riding.

I was very very impressed with my Assault Switchy, fucker went up EVERY hill I attempted. I was kind of a tree magnet and most of my stucks were within inches of trees lol.

I don't have too many pictures but I have hours of helmet cam footage to edit and get posted. I'll have that ready in the next couple days and update this thread as I do. In the meantime, here are a few pictures.........
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