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Default The greatest offtrail sled known to man!

With my IQr not up and running and the guys (and girl) up here to do some riding this weekend I had to find myself some other means of transportation. So I looked around online Thursday night and started calling around Friday morning. What did I find you ask? Only the greatest offtrailing machine know to man! Was it one of the alighty M's? No. Perhaps one of the new Rev XP 800s? No. Then it must have been a brand new ProRMK Assault right? While Rich's new sled handles really well and has a lot of power, that still wasn't it.

My mighty stead for the day was a 2005 Polaris Trail RMK 550! Being a rental is was jetting incredibly fat and way over oiled (used a quart in 50mi) but sit was still capable of going damn near anywhere. While the IQr is hands down the best ditchbanging sled out there this thing goes through the trees with no effort at all.

Everyone but Bryan had too much pride to show their jealousy and ask to take it for a ride. I guess it's just their loss.

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