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Default how to fix leaking base gaskets.

it seems every couple years i get a sled that has base gasket problems, the customer keeps putting in paper factory gaskets and they blow out or leak.
my first fix was to simply switch to cometic rubber coated steel. on my 1000 i had a leaking base gasket that for some reason the rubber coated steel wouldnt seal. i tried several new ones to no success.

made sure the engine was good and warm, then took off the top end.

finally used some copper coat. i had used copper coat for many years on exhaust manifold gaskets and head gaskets on tractors. just like painting i put on several heavy layers and let them get sticky. then i sprayed the bottom of the cylinders as well in a heavy coat.
bolted it together and let it sit for a good hour or so. went out now and tried it and so far success!!
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