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Default 2011 Race season

Nothing crazy so far. The 250 is sitting and waiting to be put back together. Bearings are in the freezer, waiting to be dropped back in the case.

This year, I'm the fastest one in the slower pack on my kickass little bike. We've had Canadian pros come down on their 450s every week, so my numbers don't look as good as last year. I'm thinking that will change by a place or two when my express ticket to hell 250 gets finished.

This weekend had us at the track that busted me up a few years ago, and this year, I kicked its ass!

There are two rhythm sections, small, but I didn't have the tits or skills to hit either of them for the past four years. It's also a damper on my spirits when I have to show up for work every Monday in good enough shape to pound a wheeler through cultivated fields, and pay my own medical expenses.


Saturday had me in the groove, especially during the first moto.

I had a shitty start, but instead of being bunched up in the first corner with the rest of the crowd, I found a line through the middle and raged through, prettymuch passing all but two bikes. Unfortunately a bunch of the big ones passed me in the next straight flat section.

I caught and passed them through the next corner, and got passed back in the straight again. This went on for about two laps. Then one of the rhythm sections came up, and instead of shying off the throttle, I hauled ass straight into it and executed my first nearly perfect Double-Double-Single.

That alone gave me some damn good room! So I did it again! I managed to keep shit going for the next couple laps despite having tires rubbing my rear tire in every corner. I came out on top. (6th outta 10).

The next moto had me missing that spot by one bike. I fucked up a corner coming into the longest flat straight section, and I couldn't catch the chick on her big bike.

Currently sitting 4th out of 14 for season points.

I am dead set on getting my 250 going by next weekend. Then I'll be running the 450C class, and hopefully get some good track time there too, and qualify for season championship points.

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