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Default Slednutz Group Ride 2012

2012 Slednutz group ride will be from Feb 2nd through Feb 8th 2012. We have a cabin reserved that will sleep 10 people. If we need more lodging I will reserve more but I don't think it'll be needed.

Everyone will be responsible for their own meals unless all can agree on some type of shared meals. Most of you know that your more than welcome to suck on my balls, and I'll even bring some extra man sauce lol. Friday and Saturday nights are good nights to eat at the bar Henry's as their buffet is awesome.

Lodging will be in Snowhut number 3 in Rockland. $30 per night per person, write a check or leave them money when you depart. They are very honest people and I hope everyone will be with them as we go yearly and don't need any problems.
The actual street address for directional purposes.....
201 river st.
Rockland, Michigan

Now is the time to sound off if/when you plan to come so I know if more lodging will be needed.
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