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Default AF-1

Originally Posted by Rubi View Post
How is a MX helmet more comfortable? It's the same shell, only you have goggles smashing your nose instead of a faceshield that doesn't touch your face. If closed helmets didn't fog up, I'd definitely wear one. Goggles are a royal pain, and they fog up anyway, so I fail to see why they're superior except that they're the current fashion statement.
Rubi; I've been using the AF-1 full face helmet for 3 riding seasons and It's a super helmet,great ventilation,no fogging up and warm,even has a chin cold air blocker that velcro mounts after you put the helmet on.It has the nose/mouth cup that expells the moist air to the outside & not into the helmet.I ride the Tug Hill area all the time,never a problem with this helmet.Once you try one you'll love it.All four of the guys I ride with ended up bying the AF-1,infact we ended up all getting black because it goes good with everything,even if you buy another sled of a different color.
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