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Default TeamFast torque arm

Originally Posted by wyndyrider View Post
Has anyone had a problem with their front torque arm on their M-10 suspension? I've read some reports on the front arm breaking and wiping out the track and other parts,and this is with relatively low miles on the sled.Is there a heavy duty replacement for this part? From what I read Polaris doesn't make a heftier replacement part.A man in Canada was making them ,but that was in 2010.
I e-mailed TeamFast,They have a heavy duty torque arm for the POLARIS MADE M10 skid at a cost of $399.99.I'm going to take mine off and have it reworked.The main problem seems to be,that Polaris used thinner tube stock when they manufactured the torque arm for their own M10,the arm flexes and the welds crack around the gussets.I think I'm going to disassemble the arm and slide square stock chrome molly over the tube stock and weld it accordingly,the security will be worth the few extra pounds.I wish we as consumers could force Polaris to do a recall on this.Automobiles are constantly having recalls for safety problems,surely this a safety problem.I'm going to e-mail NYSSA and inquire about how to get Polaris to open their eyes.
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