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Default Togwotee Dec 26-30

Well Ratstang and I commited to sticking with our Tog trip and we were both pretty happy we did. Talked to a couple guys that unloaded at the Snowies only to load back up and come to Tog instead lol, glad we didn't go that route. There really wasn't much picture taking but I have some helmet cam footage I'll post up as I edit it and post on youtube.

We arrived Tuesday morning and checked in early, then rode for half a day. Did pretty good, anything close to the trail was tracked to all hell. We did manage to find some decent snow, was enough for my first ride of the season and it kicked my ass lol.

Got an early start on Wednesday and got asses to seats at 8.30 am, that doesn't happen much lol. We had looked the map over pretty good the night before and had a plan for today. Checked out some areas that looked like some damn fun terrain but there just wasn't much snow. You could tell where the snow was deep and where it wasn't, there were deep spots though. We ended up falling into a sweet little area we played in and returned to after having to go back and fill up again. Snow was good once we found this area but it was still tracked and you couldn't see it because tracks were covered. I found the snow close to and through trees to be untouched and a fuckin blast to play in, found tons of killer deep snow. I also found out this day that Ratstang is a sidehilling fool! I showed him my talent for getting stuck lol, even managed to get hung up on a tree.

It snowed all night and Wednesday morning there was probably 8" fresh everywhere and was snowing hard as hell. Between the hard snow and blowing snow we had a real hard time. We left the lodge maybe about 8.30 again but visibility was almost nothing. We barely made it off trail and between the flat light, snow, blowing snow, you couldn't really see much. There were a few stucks right off the bat, you'd run into a drift and not even know it. After my huge stuck(Even though it was my first big stuck of the year, it may end up being my best stuck of the year lol) my boots were wet and we decided to return to the lodge and regroup. We decided since it was suppose to snow until Saturday anyways to just pack up and head home. We thought about just extending our stay until Saturday but we'd have been stuck in the lodge for 2 days and that didn't sound enjoyable lol.
Here are a few pics I did take........
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