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Default OK, what's going on with this 580 Powder Special?

So me and Gerbil are tuning up Cornfedd's new '96 Powder Special. I've got some questions.

What is the deal with this electronic connection on the carbs. It seems like some kind of stoneage TPS or something. Can you remove the wires from the carb bodies so that you can really soak and clean them, or do those things need to stay calibrated like TPS on a set of racks?

Carb venting? It looks like there are two threaded inserts that go into the airbox. Are there supposed to be fittings that screw in there to vent the carbs to the airbox? Right now the carb vents just have about 5" of tubing that goes nowhere. That doesn't seem too effective to me.

What kind of horsepower does the 580 put out? Gerbil seems to think it's pushing 90 HP because it has more displacement than a Liberty 500. I'm thinking closer to 70 because it's not even a case reed induction motor. What does it actually have?
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