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Default Sea-Doo shop manuals

Hey, Sticky this for me will ya?

1993 Seadoo Shop Manual:

1994 Sea Doo Shop Manual (60MB):

1994 Sea-Doo Operators Manual (4MB):

1995 Service Manual:

1996 Sea-Doo Shop Manual:

1996 Sea-Doo Shop Manual SUPPLEMENT:

1996 Sea-Doo PARTS CATALOG (18MB):

1996 Sea-Doo MISC LITERATURE (17MB):

1996 Seadoo Wiring Diagrams:

1997 Shop Manual:

1998 Shop Manual:

1998 Racing Handbook:

1999 Seadoo Shop Manual

2000 Seadoo Shop Manual and Parts Catalog (211MB in 3 parts):
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
join .BAT file:

Mikuni Carb info

PDF of degree wheel (post #94):
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