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Default Running rich

I went up to The Northwoods over the weekend with the ultra. I rode to eagle river phelps and then back to land o lakes. When I got up there Friday evening andit was in the upper 30's. I went for a ride and it a bad hesitation at 5500. IT felt like it was running rich. So I dropped the needle. It was in the 2nd to last position so I put it all the way down. It ran great on the way back. The next morning it was 5 degrees and I didn't put the needles back. Felt like it was running alittle lean in the midrange again about 1/2 throttle at 5500. I pulled the plugs and they were cardboard brown. Most of the trails would only allow midrange operation. But it ran great when the temp got to 18 degrees, but ran like shit when it hit 40 degrees. I thought I had it tuned in good at wot but never really did the chop test. I currently have 370 mains and stock polaris needles and piolet jets. I couldn't rejet the mains up north because noone have them. I just bought 3 360 mains and my question is will this be ok for midwest riding? If i run them then I can lean out the midrange more if needed next time. Thanks Josh
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