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Originally Posted by Powersledder View Post
Pretty spendy when you aren't even including throttle cables....

You'll have to give me some more specs on that engine. I know you slapped it together a few years ago and probably never rode it much. But is the midrange any good for a short cross country style race? Able to swap out clutches/gearing and putz on over to the drag track after the races?

I hope you are joking about the spendy part.

I put it together and never fired it cause that was right when I got my PSI motor and it took a back seat to that, so I cant tell you how the mid range is. Its a 693 decker race motor, carries 180lbs of compression. Yes you would be able to drag race the motor. I am pretty sure I have pictures of the port work somewhere, I will see if I can dig them up.
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