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Originally Posted by Gotmud View Post
A broken secondary spring would take off normal then it would get stuck in high gear. You could be going 60 with half throttle and go to hammer down for it to only bog because it can't backshift.

I guess I just assume that is what he means by, "I can only get 50 mph and again I still have tons of throttle"?
I got the sled at the end of last season and didnt have the chance to ride it and this year we have had ZERO snow. So I havent hade an opportunity to open er up till this weekend. It doesnt really bog as much as it takes awhile to pick up speed after 50ish (maybe considered bogging?). But I am thinking thats what is going on, a broken secondary spring. I typically give everything a try.. Is this a huge pain to rip apart? Is there pullers involved?
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