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Default 2011 Pro RMK 155" VOHK/Boondocker Turbo

I'm listing this sled for a buddy. It's located in Rapid City, SD, but he can work on delivery. This sled is a ripper an was on Boondockers 8. This sled is legit! Here is the link for the ad in BCR, you can contact Rock there or shoot me a pm and I will get you his phone number.

I've ridden with Rock, and watched him take care of his Dragon Turbo, now his Pro Turbo, I know this sled has been meticulously maintained and is a ripper that will not disappoint.

2011 155" Red polaris pro

pump gas boondockers kit W/EBC
install and setup done by VOHK ($1,000 install)
Timbersled rear suspension with fox shocks
Custom Ice Age rails
Fastrax rear bumper
Polaris tether
WRP gauge lifter
2cool side panel vents

When I got the sled, there was some bottom end bogging issues, got them figured out now and this thing flat out rips. Ran 6-8lbs thing has crazy power and throttle response.

Side panels have a few scratches from tree riding, no major ones. Vents are still in great shape. Bottom right a-arm has a tiny little dent, and front bumper has a tiny little dent. Other than that this thing is CHERRY. No cut or missing lugs.

Entertaining offers on it, only trades I will even consider is 2011 or 2012 polaris pro's 163's but they will have to be in my favor. Don't get the amount of riding in to justify owning this nice of sled and the new wife thinks she needs a honeymoon
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