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Default Little Wolfie's First-est Raceday

Once upon a time, I was a badass little underdog rookie. Just stumbled on this kinda hilarious shot of myself a few minutes ago. I think I was 13 in this shot? Not sure. Notice that I have on one random leather glove, a brand new jersey (bad joojoo), jeans, and regular old work boots. Not to mention, I'm jumping the shit out of that XR100 I'm on, which happens to not be a race bike. The announcer pointed this out a lot, and then also pointed out the fact that I got the biggest air in the entire women's class.


I might put that shit on my grave someday. Just my being there, and just that comment alone had left me with hometown hero status.

In the background in the pit stands is my dad, trying to look like he's not concerned. Beside the guy that took the picture (my bro), is my mom, and one of my aunts, and both of them were in tears at that point (scared to death, not joy or pride).

I got last. One of the happiest days ever!

I didn't race again for the next 5 years after that picture was taken. Now, I've missed a whopping two races in 5 seasons of racing.

I'm still an underdog, and it's a damn good life.
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