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Default Week between Christmas and New Years?

So the week between Christmas and New Years I have the whole week off of work. Last year Mitch and I went to Togwotee for that week. Well I'm again looking for someone to make a trip that week. Yes snow could be marginal but I intend to try setting something up as I will be able to ride care free with work closed. I don't even have to reserve lodging, I'm fine with shooting from the hip when the time comes and hope we can find lodging. I'd kind of like to leave it open to go west that week, whether it be Tog or Snowies and make the final decision based on snow right before the trip. I guess if there weren't enough snow west then obviously it'd be a yooper week if there was snow there.

I'd want to leave Dec 26th and would like to be home by mid afternoon on Dec 31st. Anyone interested?
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