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Default Get stoked over some classic Youtube sled humor

Derrick and Ryan keep it real with some original Canadian redneck comedy. This video has crept into the everyday DCUBA vernacular in a big way. To a DCUBA member, anything mechanical in nature is referred to as a "piece of shit Arctic Cat." For example, if we were going riding tomorrow, the discussion might go like this, "You got your piece of shit Arctic Cat running well enough to go for a rip tomorrow? Yes, I pulled on that piece of shit Arctic Cat 5,000 times today before I realized the kill switch was down." It's not a concern of ours that we actually ride piece of shit Polaris', we still use our favorite line from Derrick and Ryan's video. The term isn't confined to sled-related discussion either. It creeps up in everyday conversation such as this: "My piece of shit Arctic Cat sink trap is leaking again so I haven't washed dishes yet in December. That's nothing; my piece of shit Arctic Cat water heater is acting up so I haven't taken a shower in two weeks."

So without further ado:

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