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Default 01 700 Edge backfires

Hi im new to this forum I have a 01 Edge 700 (non-ves) I just got back a few weeks ago from a trip to Houghton Hancock had a great ride. My sled is stock other than a rumblepack can and while we were up there I noticed towards the end of the trip when we would be coming up to a stop sign my sled would kinda backfire or pop. It ran great other than that didnt bog or anything. Sometimes it would stall when it backfired it wouldnt do it if you keep into the throttle as you stopped. I was told it could be a chipped reed is this a possability the sled has alot of miles (7000) but is completly unmolested. One time while I was running down the trail about 50 it just shut off when I stopped I checked the plugs they were a nice brown color I pulled it over and it started right up with no issues not sure if this is connected at all or just an isolated event it ran fine other than the poping for the next two days and didnt do it again. Any ideas Thanks in advance.
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