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Default 89 Indy Classic 500 Vacuum Lines

Greetings and salivations.. I'm going to jump with in with n00b questions because I'm awesome like that.

I've got a PDF of the Polaris master Service Manual 1985-1995 (Volume II), which has been tremendously useful thus far in tweaking my new-to-me baby.

I spent a good amount of time tinkering over the sled when I was at work and using an empty ambulance bay (warmth!), but now that I'm home with the sled, I have no such luxury..


I've got the vacuum lines figured out for the most part... but I'd like to know from someone who has seen this model.. do I connect the carbs directly to each other on the nipples facing each other? Per the manual above on page 6.14 it shows a dotted line and says "Some models have interconnecting lines between each carb". I'm assuming this is one of those models since there are lonely nipples and chunks of tubing laying in the pan..?

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