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Default 1994 xlt Mag side no fire

Hello Everyone,

Really stumped! the sled is stock.

This is what is going on, no firing of cylinder on Mag (right while sitting on machine) side. There seems to be firing at higher RPM's at high speed. example 65 to 75 mph the cylinder kicks in and thats why my speed gets up to about 90mph. Up to 65 mph i couldn't even spin the track. There is gas in the cranck after running for a bit and i think it is just from not firing. Also had a backfire and it pushed the carb off of the Mag cylinder.

I have been trouble shooting this for a couple months and before i go further I need all your help. So things I have done;

1. Compression test 120 across the board. Did it twice!
2. Cleaned all carbs multiple times, also changed the carbs around and the Mag cylinder still does not fire.
3. Changed all three coils, wires and plug caps.
4. Substitued the CDI box from a properly operating xlt. It did not fix the issue.
5. Cleaned fule pump.
6. Changed the needle and seats in the carbs.
7. Airbox and Exhaust is clean.
8. Carbs are sync.

Does someone have any other suggestions before the bigger expense?

I was told that the crankshaft may have slipped. If so would it only be that cylinder not firing?

Does someone have measurements to tell me TDC on a cylinder and then be able to measure the other distance to make sure that is the problem before sending out to be repaired?

Thanks for the help ahead of time!

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