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Default 96 Polaris indy trail cuts out at 3/4 throttle

Engine starts fine, idles great, can run it up to 5K rpms no problem. Punch it past 5K rpms and it floods out and dies. Interesting to find I can run it at max throttle (7K rmps) no problem if I remove the air box cover. I have tried new gas, blew out all the gas lines to make sure no water, cleaned carbs several times. I have spark on both plugs. (plugs replaced with new more than once) I believe the left carb is getting too much gas, but only at 3/4 plus throttle. I swapped choke cables around to verify they are closing. If I get the engine good and warm, the right spark plug is hot, can't hardly touch it. The left I can take out and it is luke warm. Can the CDI be causing the problem even though both plugs appear to be sparking the same? If it truly is running way to rich but only after 3/4 throttle where would the extra gas be coming from? I don't know a whole lot about carbs, but it looks like after 3/4 throttle just the main jet is controlling fuel. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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