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Default 2007 IQr and 2003 RMK 600

Obviously this is not the time of year to sell, but I'm entertaining the idea. Don't really have use for a sled down here, so it may be cheaper to rent the 1 or 2 times a year i do get a chance to ride now. or I'll just sell one of them and keep the other.

If any of you guys are interested make me an offer on one, both, or parts (but remember all of my stuff is gold plated...)

2003 RMK all stock (w/ 144x2 track) except;
ProX 'Shorty' seat
8" big wheel kit
600HO top end
10-60 weights
almond red p-spring

2007 IQr
130lb front springs
all shocks re-valved to 04 ProXR 800 specs
10.8 gal trail tank
600RR oil tank
Roller chassis set up for 600 small block
121x1.75 track

lots of 600/440 small block parts
4 or 5 600 core cylinders
enough parts for a whole 440
slydog powderhounds (go with one of the sleds)

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